Honda Announces Two Beginner-Friendly 2023 Dual-Sport Motorcycles (2024)

  • All-new XR150L offers value-focused dual-sport versatility
  • New CRF300L version with shorter seat height introduced

Honda’s already-broad range of small-displacement motorcycles expands for 2023, with a pair of approachable dual-sport bikes. As a pioneer in this category, Honda continues to lead the way in fun and efficient two-wheel transportation for a wide variety of customers.

Headlining today’s announcement is the XR150L, an all-new model for customers seeking an accessible, versatile and value-focused dual-sport motorcycle, ready for everything from urban transportation to weekend adventures on mixed terrain. In addition, Honda introduced a new, low-seat version of the CRF300L—the CRF300LS—making the industry’s most popular dual-sport platform an option for even more riders. Returning dual-sport models included in the announcement are the traditional-seat-height CRF300L and the rally-inspired CRF300L Rally (both available in standard and ABS versions).

Rounding out the announcement is arguably the most approachable street-legal motorcycle, the Navi. In just its second year on the U.S. market, this affordable miniMOTO has garnered a huge following, establishing itself as the industry’s top-selling on-road motorcycle.

“At Honda, we’re committed to producing motorcycles that suit riders of all experience levels and backgrounds, and the dual-sport category is a great example of that,” said Brandon Wilson, American Honda Manager of Sports & Experiential. “The CRF300L is hugely among those looking for an affordable, reliable dual-sport machine, and the new ‘LS’ version makes the platform an option for those who prefer a shorter seat height. Expanding on that theme, the all-new XR150L is a great dual-sport machine for value-focused customers. We’re also happy to bring back the CRF300 Rally entry-level ADV bike, as well as the popular and amazingly affordable Navi miniMOTO. These models make motorcycling more accessible to new and cost-conscious riders while still offering an enjoyable ride experience for long-time enthusiasts.”

Far more than any other brand, Honda has proven to be adept at delivering motorcycling experiences to more and more people. That trend extends to the dual-sport category, with the approachable, value-focused XR150L, boasting potential for both short-run transportation and relaxed weekend off-road outings. Whether serving as an affordable additional motorcycle for veteran riders, campground passage for outdoor-enthusiast families, or around-town transportation for those still relatively new to the world of powersports, the XR150L does it all—while touting both the reputation for reliability established by the XR650L, and the industry’s lowest price for a full-size dual-sport motorcycle.

  • MSRP: $2,971
  • Color: Black; White
  • Available: April
  • Info

The CRF300L platform has long been the motorcycle industry’s top-selling dual-sport model, and for 2023, it’s an option for even more riders, thanks to a new version with a shorter seat height—the CRF300LS. The LS version is equipped with ABS, while the returning normal-seat-height CRF300L is offered in standard and ABS versions; all deliver unparalleled value and reliability, providing low-cost transportation and making the adventure of dual-sport riding amazingly accessible.

  • MSRP
    • CRF300L: $5,399
    • CRF300L ABS: $5,699
    • CRF300LS: $5,699
  • Colors
    • CRF300L: Red
    • CRF300L ABS: Red
    • CRF300LS: Swift Gray
  • Available: April (CRF300LS May)
  • Info

CRF300L Rally
Proving once and for all that big adventure is possible in a small package, the CRF300L Rally is based on the standard CRF300L, but with comfort-focused upgrades including hand guards, increased fuel capacity and a frame-mounted wind screen. A capable commuter and an approachable, affordable entry to the ADV world, the CRF300L Rally evokes images of the Dakar while delivering practicality and value. Available in standard and ABS versions.

  • MSRP
    • CRF300L Rally: $6,149
    • CRF300L Rally ABS: $6,449
  • Color: Red
  • Available: April
  • Info

In one short year since it hit the U.S. market, the Navi—the latest in a long line of approachable, fun Honda miniMOTO machines—has been a huge hit with U.S. customers, taking over the number-one spot in on-road unit sales. Making the motorcycling experience attainable for even more people, the Navi is somewhat of a mix between Honda’s Ruckus and Grom (each of which is popular enough to have developed its own subculture), offering the styling of a motorcycle and some convenience features of a scooter, including Honda’s V-Matic automatic transmission (just twist the throttle to go). With a super-low MSRP, gas-sipping performance and long maintenance intervals, the Navi is within reach of almost any customer, and it’s more convenient than public transportation or carpooling. Thanks to the Navi, more and more people are able to discover just how enjoyable, convenient and practical motorcycling can be.

  • MSRP: $1,807
  • Colors: Red; Grasshopper Green; Nut Brown; Ranger Green
  • Available: March
  • Info

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Honda Announces Two Beginner-Friendly 2023 Dual-Sport Motorcycles (2024)
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