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Student Hub is your primary place for quick information to help you at college.

It's available at college, home or out and about on your mobile or tablet. You can install Student Hub as an app, which will make it easier to access and faster to load.

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To get started you'll need to login with your network credentials, the same ones you use to get your student email with or login to your computer.

Logging into Student Hub will also authenticate you for email and some other college resources. You'll either get a login box as shown below, or a college login page.

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To ensure a successful login:

  • Your password must be valid, make sure you haven't accidentally got caps lock turn on.
  • Your account must be unlocked, if you enter the password incorrectly too many times you will get locked out and need to get your account unlocked.
  • If you have been getting a message informing you to change your password and ignoring it this might prevent you from logging in. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and choose change password.


The menu is found at the top left of the page, next to your name. Click on your to see your profile where your courses can be seen.

If you are using a phone or device with a small screen size the header bar collapses into a menu. Clicking on the button shows the menu and gives the same options as before.

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Switch dashboard

Each dashboard can have different tiles and arrangement. If you have one than one dashboard available to you, click on the name to switch to it.


There are various visual options that can be customised.

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  • The tile and show sliders change the appearance of the tiles.
  • Each dashboard can have custom background colour.
  • Colour preference allows the background and foreground colour for all tiles to be changed. Use this if you have trouble with the default tile colours.
  • The font used by SH can be changed to one that Dyslexic users may find easier to read.
  • If you've customised your layout and want to reset it to the default a button will appear at the bottom to do so.

Edit mode

This option can be toggled on and off, when enabled you can drag tile around to reorganise your layout. As you switch screen sizes (desktop, tablet or mobile) there are different layouts for each that can be customised.

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To close edit mode either use the menu item or the button beneath the tiles.


Logging out here will also log you out of college email and any other college resources that share the same login mechanism.


Some tiles can be clicked on to show more information or link to another page, these tiles will have a small hand symbol in the bottom right:

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Below is a list of tiles which display data, if you can click on it to get secondary data and which system it comes from.

Tile Secondary Provider
Appointments Yes Promonitor
Attendance No EBS
An average of your attendance over the last x weeks. The tile colour changes based on the percentage from red (0%), yellow (50%) to green (100%). A bar on the left shows colours and progress when the tile is hovered over
Careers & Welfare Yes CandW Advisor Portal
Any Action Plans and Career Plans you've had with a Careers & Welfare advisor.
Email Yes Office 365
How many unread emails you have and a list of the last 10 you can preview.
Events Yes Enrichment Calendar
Upcoming events you have been booked on
Examinations Yes Ebs
IT Support Yes Topdesk
See your IT Support tickets and actions
Library Yes Koha
Books you currently have checked out
Moodle Yes Moodle
Your upcoming assignments and hand in dates
News Yes Newsdesk Shared Provider
Payment Card Yes FacilityPro/EBS
Shows a list of spending and topups to your account. Balance is what was last seen on your card, so may update when you next use it.
Performance Monitoring Yes Promonitor
Print Credit Yes Papercut
How much print credit you currently have, what you've previously spent and a link to topup.
Smart Targets Yes Promonitor
The Deal Yes The Deal Portal, Promonitor
Any recognitions you've had for demonstrating The Deal values, and also your skillscan values you have/will choose Annually.
Timetable Yes EBS
Your scheduled classes, colour coded to indicate type of class.


A notification bell next to the menu will turn yellow and display a number if you have any new notifications.

Clicking on a notification will mark it as read and some are linked to tiles and will display the relevant secondary data. If too many are shown, clicking the three dots on a notification will give an option to hide it.

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Push Notifications

Notfications can be pushed as alerts to a compatible device (iPhone not currently supported). Click here for a list of supported browsers.

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You can opt in and out of push notifications in the preferences page. Email push notifications are not supported.


Cannot log on

Student Hub uses your Office 365 email address and password to login. If you are having issues you can try logging into your email to see if your credentials are correct. If you try your password incorrectly too many times you will be locked out. In that case you can contact the IT helpdesk on 0161 674 3333, or email

Im not seeing all the tiles, just some links

This is the fallback page that's shown if you've visited the site before, but your data cannot currently be loaded. Check your internet connection. If a box asking for your username and password appears from, put in your details.

Site will not load

If you are having issues loading the site there are some steps you can try.

  • Check your internet connection is ok
  • Clear your temporary internet files
  • If you pressed cancel when your username and password was asked for, you may see a white screen. In this case access the site by the url again,, then enter your username and pasword when prompted.

My customised dashboard has reset

Sometimes tiles may be added or removed and the default layouts optimised. In this case everyone's layouts can be reset to the default to give the best experience. You can change it again afterwards if you want to

Twitter tile won't load on IE11

This is a known issue, use Edge, Chrome or another browser

Student Hub Documentation (2024)
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