Quickscope: FBG Young, FBG Dutchie & the rise of Chicago’s Fly Boy Gang movement (2024)

The Fly Boy Gang (FBG) has no shortage of talent, with FBG Duck leading the charge as the Gangster Disciple affiliated movement’s biggest export.

While it’s taken a few years for the FBG team to really start seeing the shine and recognition that their growing fanbase has been looking for, there’s a clear shift in 2020 when it comes to the crew’s overall position on the Chicago rap landscape.

It didn’t hurt that FBG Duck dropped the instant classic “Chicago Legends” to close out 2019, and members like FBG Dutchie, FBG Young and FBG Cash have been consistently dropping drill bangers for quite some time. Dutchie and Young’s “Well Damn” came out back in June 2013 and even more work came from the camp before that.

Quickscope: FBG Young, FBG Dutchie & the rise of Chicago’s Fly Boy Gang movement (1)

FBG Young & FBG Dutchie (Photo: Instagram)

Another prominent member of the crew, FBG Wooski—who has one of the biggest disses in Chiraq history with his “Computers” remix—is reportedly on the road to focusing full-time on his music again after recovering from a shot to the head in 2018.

Dutchie and Young were both at Wooski’s side during the shooting of the high-energy “Computers” remix video, and brought the same type of energy to the “No More” video that was shot the same day. That was eight months before the Wooski head shot in 2018, and they have continued to grow despite the tough environment surrounding them.

The latest from FBG Dutchie is the “Lies” video which was released at the start of May. It’s the first upload to his newly created YouTube channel, although you’ll find a ton of videos on Clout Boyz and other spots.

Along with “Lies,” the Chicago rapper has been incredibly busy this year. At the end of April, Dutcho dropped the AMarioFilm-powered “Turn Your Clout Up” and in March he released the Billy Kauck-directed “18” with FBG Young which has been viewed over 60K times. “That’s My Baby” dropped in February, while January saw the release of “Olympics” and “G Lick.” So far, his 2020 video releases have accumulated more than ‭225‬K views and counting. He’s also featured on the brand new FBG Young project, Martian which dropped on Friday.

Including “18,” Young has also been featured on various new videos in 2020 including “Sum Nice” which has been viewed more than 154K times since February. In April he released videos for “49th Floor” with Mishul, as well as “This Blick (COVID-19)” and “Quarantine.” Towards the beginning of the year he released “Ralo” in support of his 2019 project Go Dumb 2. Both Martian and Go Dumb 2 can be found on his Spotify profile.

If that wasn’t enough, Young was also featured on the new FBG Wooski EP, Quarantine Pack. The EP dropped on May 8 and also features FYB J Mane and FYB Montae. A video for their collaboration “Back from the Dead” was released in February. The first line he drops: “I ain’t learned my lesson.”

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There’s been a lot of rumours online about Wooski’s health and if he’s still “taking medicine” after being shot. It didn’t help that popular Chicago rapper King Von released a Wooski diss just a couple of weeks ago titled “Wooski on Meds.” Well, for anyone doubting his status, he showed up on IG Live with King Von’s baby mama dissing Von and seeming mostly like his old self. The release of Quarantine Pack has furthered the belief that he’s “back to normal.”

FBG Duck has received the most publicity from the group as of late, and is considered by many to be the next big star out of Chicago. He’s starting to see an increase in attention from the mainstream, and his numbers continue to push his status to new levels. His most recent drop is the video for “Let Em Go” which was released just yesterday and has already been viewed more than 15K times. He also dropped the Edd Stark-assisted “Sicario” on May 11, making for Ducks’s fifth official track to hit digital streaming platforms this year.

Stay tuned for more from the FBG movement. You can check out some of the videos and projects mentioned below.

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You can follow @real_fbgduck063, @kingopp.wooski, @younggodumb, and @BigGangDutcho on Instagram.

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Quickscope: FBG Young, FBG Dutchie & the rise of Chicago’s Fly Boy Gang movement (2024)


What does the FBG stand for in Chicago? ›

Chicago rapper FBG Duck was born in 1993 and raised on the often dangerous south side of the city, and got involved with gangs and street violence at a young age. Duck came up as part of rap crew the Fly Boy Gang (hence the FBG prefix) which overlapped with various factions of Chicago street gangs.

Where is FBG Young from? ›

One of the founder of the rap group FLY BOY GANG(FBG) out of Chicago.

What do rappers call Chicago? ›

The term “Chiraq” emerged in the early 2010s as a way to draw attention to the alarming levels of violence in the city of Chicago. The name is a portmanteau of “Chicago” and “Iraq” and was coined by Chicago rapper King Louie in a mixtape titled “Drilluminati” in 2012.

What does OTF mean in Chicago? ›

Only the Family, often abbreviated as OTF, is an American hip hop group from Chicago, Illinois. The group was formed by American rapper Lil Durk in 2010.

What city was FBG Duck killed in? ›

Where is EBK Young from? ›

EBK Young Joc is a rapper from Stockton, California.

Who signed FBG Duck? ›

What is GD and BD Chicago? ›

INTRODUCTION. The Black Disciples (BDs) are the Chicago "folks" gang that gained international notoriety in 1994 by executing its eleven-year-old member "Yummy". It is also unique in its comparison with another African-American gang, the Gangster Disciples (GDs).

What does GDK stand for in Chicago? ›

GDK is a derisive acronym for “Gangster Disciple killer.”heavy A gang leader and/or big- time drug dealer.

What is the O Block in Chicago? ›

In the early 2010s, gang activity increased and Parkway Gardens became the center of one of Chicago's most violent blocks. The 6400 block of South King Drive was known locally as "WIIIC CITY", but then started to be called "O Block", after resident Odee Perry was murdered.

Who is BDK in Chicago? ›

bd An acronym for the Black Disciples. BDN is used as an acronym for the Black Disciple Nation. BDK is a derisive acronym for “Black Disciple killer.”

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