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Brittany Patriece Glover

March 15, 1989 - September 19, 2022

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Brittany Patriece Glover, beloved daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend passed away at thirty-three years of age on Monday, September 19, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia. She was born in Waukegan, Illinois, on March 15, 1989, to Mark E. Glover of Waukegan, Illinois, and Valerie L. Handy-Carey (Darryl) of Columbus, Ohio.

Brittany made a personal decision to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and was baptized at the New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio. Some of her involvement at New Salem included being active in the Jean Bell Children’s Choir, God’s Divas Girl’s Ministry, and the Life Development Youth Department. Through her successful grass roots Vegan mobile food “pop-up” business, Oh Sh*t, It’s Vegan?!, Brittany donated money, clothes, and hygiene products to various not-for-profit organizations and fed the homeless community. She loved giving back to the community.

Brittany attended Las Colinas Elementary School in Irving, Texas, Groveport Middle School in Groveport, Ohio, Eastmoor Academy High School in Columbus, Ohio, and Wilberforce University in Wilberforce, Ohio. Brittany participated in little league sports, beginning in North Chicago as a cheerleading mascot as a preschooler and moved up to cheerleader; while living in Texas, she was a Longhorn little league cheerleader. She also made the Groveport Madison Drill Team. In college, she was active on various campus committees and student activities.

Brittany loved and enjoyed her family and friends. She was very intentional on remaining connected to those she loved, as she demonstrated it by calling everyone she knew. It didn’t matter to her whether it was her mom, (aka “Sadie”), “Pops”, her Granddaddy or Grandma, her big brother, Brandon, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, old friends, or someone she just met; if she had your number, she was going to call you and make you laugh during the course of the conversation. She had high energy. She loved to entertain and be with and around “people.” The spirit of hospitality was a part of her innate and God-given “gifting.” She enjoyed shopping, traveling, music, dancing, scented candles, designer purses, and fancy perfumes. Brittany had a good sense of humor. She had many dreams and goals that she wanted to achieve. Brittany was keenly interested in speaking different languages and began independently studying Spanish, several West African languages, and she could speak Jamaican Patois; she often joked about obtaining her Jamaican citizenship. She was very good at picking up different dialects and used them freely. Like most, Brittany had her fair share of setbacks and challenges. Life, by far, was not perfect nor easy for her, yet, the beauty in her story was that through her faith in God, she was determined to overcome those obstacles. She learned to praise God in the midst of her circ*mstances and stand on what she declared to be God’s promises for her life and she remained hopeful by believing it. She accomplished so many things personally and professionally. Her desire was to represent and honor her family well and make them proud of her and she did just that! Her most recent accomplishment and career highlight was her graduation day on August 29, 2022, when she completed the requirements to earn her flight attendant status and obtain her Spirit Airlines wings pendant. Brittany was so excited and quite proud of this achievement and she shared the journey with family and close friends. As a reminder to never give up when things were hard during the flight attendant training camp, Brittany would constantly say, “I’m going to get my wings, I know God got me. I didn’t come this far to leave without them!” By faith and the support of family and friends, that mission was accomplished. As she was pursuing her wings in the physical or earthly realm with Spirit Airlines, just shortly thereafter, in the Spiritual and supernatural realm, a pair of heavenly wings was being prepared for Brittany to wear permanently in her new home. “Glover Gurrl”, you really did get your “wings.” Your laughter and beautiful smile will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved you.

She leaves to cherish her memory: her parents, Valerie L. Handy-Carey (Darryl Carey, “Pops”) of Columbus, OH, and Mark E. Glover, Sr., of Waukegan, IL; maternal grandfather, Herbert Handy (Shanale) of North Chicago, IL; paternal grandparents, Selone and Phelloniece Glover, both Waukegan, IL; brother, Brandon J. Handy of Las Vegas, NV; sister, Na’Kesha (“Kesha”) Mayers of Waukegan, IL; stepsisters, Domonique D. Carey, Dashae M. Carey, and DeAmber D. Carey, all of Columbus, OH; brothers, Quenton Greathouse of IL, and Mark E. Glover, Jr., of Waukegan, IL; nephew, Santino B.J. Handy of CA; nieces, Khyren S. Handy-Corbett of OH, and Da’kesha Patterson of WI; two great-nieces, Samiyah Patterson and Hala Marar (aka “chicken & halla”) of WI; maternal aunts, Kathy (Alfred) Wilson of Ruskin,FL, Kimberly Handy-Jones of Waukegan, IL, and Paulette (Curt) Beckford of CT; great-aunts, Eula Bates, Donna M. Handy, and Latisha Handy, all of Waukegan, IL, Patricia Handy of Gurnee, IL, and Brenda Judon-Handy and Brenda Handy, both of North Chicago, IL; paternal aunts, Vanessa Finley, Brenda Walker, and Wanda (Joe) Dukes, all of Waukegan, IL; maternal uncles, Lance A. Handy, Sr., of St. Paul, MN, Craig A. Oglesby of Chicago, IL, Timothy Donaby of Greensboro, NC, and Steven (Carla) Gwinn of Columbus, OH; maternal great-uncles, George (Mae) Handy of North Chicago, IL, Sylvester (Anna) Handy of Clinton, MS, and Alphonso (Shirley) Handy of Houston, TX; special mention to her “Mentors/Big Sister-Friends,” Shakita Trigg of TN, Dawnn Brown of Columbus, OH, and Nila Hammond of Indianapolis, IN; shout out to the staff and flight attendant crew at Spirit Airlines, “Bobbie & James” of San Antonio, TX, and Barbara and Melissa Thomas, both of North Chicago, IL; godsister, Chiquetta M. Beard of VA, Valerie Buie of VA, and Debra Beard of Waukegan, IL; and a host of other immediate family, loved ones, and close friends.

Brittany was preceded in death by her maternal great-great-grandmother, Atosie Evans; great-grandparents, Ben (Frank) Handy, Bertha Mae Handy, Gerald Homer Oglesby, Sr., and Katherine J. Oglesby; grandmothers, Patricia J. Handy and Irma J. Handy; great-great-uncle, Cevelle Evans, Joseph Handy, Aaron Handy, and Henry Springs, Sr.; great-uncles, Alonzo Handy, Eugene Handy, Sr., James E. Handy, Winfred C. Handy, Kenneth Oglesby, Gerald H. Oglesby, and William S. Jones; great-great-aunt, Laverne Goodwin, Rosalie McCarnes, and Margaret Springs; great-aunts, Carolyn A. Handy-Lester, Sharon D. Handy-Palmer, Rosemary Handy, Gwendolyn Cowan, and Sharone Oglesby; paternal great-grandparents, Willie and Thelma Walker; great-uncles, Steve Walker and Jack Walker; great-aunt, Lucille McGruder; and cousins, Cordale Q. Handy, Tasha Y. Handy, Melissa Handy, James Handy, Garth Oglesby, Denise “Cookie” Daniels-Evans, Dubois Walker, and Darren Walker.

A Celebration of her Life Service will be held at 1:00 P.M., Saturday October 1, 2022 at the North Shore Church of Christ, 326 Julian St., Waukegan, IL. Brother Terry Atwater, Officiating. Interment will be at North Shore Garden of Memories North Chicago, IL. Visitation will begin at 12:00 Noon

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Obituary | Brittany Patriece Glover | Bradshaw & Range Funeral Home PC (2024)
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