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Japanese motorcycle imports

Europe consists of several companies who are involved with Japanese motorcycle imports. Since factory appointed branches do Japanese motorcycle imports as a country representative, they are allowed to bring them in directly from factory. Double R trading solely obtains stock such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycles from our network inside Europe. No challenge too big for us, as we understand your and your clients passion for certain models.

Double R Trading trades Japanese motorcycleimports such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha from our surroundingcountries. All our products have ED specification and bought within the EuropeanUnion. Overstock lots, carryover models and all other opportunities that comearound.

The founders of Double R Trading started withmotorcycle imports in 1996. But, were in the trade well before that as memberof M.T.C. and the iconic Dutch “Motorhuis Safe”. With gasoline in their veins,they decided to take matters in their own hands and build a business fromscratch. With a high focus on trading new motorcycles, and related products.

Double R Trading

Your one-stop-supplier

Companies that sells Japanese motorcycle imports come in many different forms and sizes. Double R Trading sets itself a goal to be your one-stop-supplier. We carry a wide range of new motorcycles, ATV`s and outboards in our stock.

Do you need a model which we currently don`t have? Please don`t hesitate to contact us with your request. We like a good challenge, and due to our extensive network of professionals in the 2/4 wheel branch, we have many possibility to find the model you need. After service needed for your customers? No problem, as we do not only provide new Japanese motorcycle imports, we also have a special department which focusses on spare parts and accessories.

Personal attention from enthusiastic proffesionals

Our team consist solely from passionate petrol heads, motorcyclist and foremost; likeminded professionals. Since we are in the business of Japanese motorcycle imports, we understand the need for fast and accurate communication. You might even call it; the Japanese way. Even when the answer is not as we hoped. “there is no easy way to give bad news” but also “no use to cry over spilled milk” are phrased we commonly use in our company. Asses the situation, make a plan and communicate. Our network of equal professionals praise us for that. When something is not as expected, solve it and get on with your business. Something you might expect from people involved with motorcycle imports but sadly not a widely spread business goal for most other companies.Our company name;“Double R Trading” does not only stand for the founders names (Robert & Roelof) but also for the way we profile ourselves; a Reliable Relation.

Double R Trading does not work with difficult telephone menu`s, gatekeepers or robots answering questions. We are human, present at most times and ready to take your telephone call, answer your email or communicate via WhatsApp. If we cannot help you on the spot, we will get back on the topic as soon as the situation allows us. Since we are working with salesman on your showroom floor, we understand the urge to give rapid and correct responds. To help you and your customer. Decision-making made easy, Japanese motorcycle imports in optima-forma. As well-known, the Japanese stand for accurate, reliable and straight forward. Words that also apply to Double R Trading.

Accessible for all motorcycle traders

Double R Trading supplies all kind of motorcycle imports for all non-brand related motorcycle re-sellers around the world. Are you a professional in the motorcycle, ATV or outboard branch with no contractual agreements? Then we are looking forward to get to know you. Our policy is to not provide any model of the brand you are officially involved in. Are you an independed trader as ourselves, please fill out the registration form and we`ll call you to find our your needs. Are you an official dealer for any, or several brands, but get interest for other brands? We have the Japanese motorcycle imports for you.

Japanese motorcycle exporters

Double R Trading, your trusted partner amongst Japanese motorcycle exporters. We have gathered a wealth of knowledge in the field of new motorcycle wholesale, outboard wholesale and ATV / leisure vehicles. With our passionate team, which exist solely of enthusiastic motorcyclist, we have built our extensive network from fellow professionals day In day out since 1996.

Major Japanese motorcycle brands

Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki & Yamaha

These brands have a well-know history in the motorcycle community. They excel in offering both quality and well designed vehicles. With the build precision we all know from Japanese products, these motorcycles are generally a trouble free choice for motorcyclist. We, as Japanese motorcycle exporters can assist you with the purchase of brand new motorcycles, ATV and outboard motors.

Double R Trading

Your Japanese motorcycle exporter

From our warehouse in the center of the Netherlands, you will not find other Japanese motorcycle exporters with a more convenient location. On the center of Hollands major highways, A27 and A15 which means easy and fast access to Rotterdam Port and Amsterdam Airport. Also Germany and Belgium can be reached well within the hour. The Double R Trading crew as Japanese motorcycle exporters are literally at the gateway of Europe.

Nowadays, there are not many independent Japanese motorcycle exporters left in Europe. The trade that flourished in the 1990`s to the mid 2000`s has seen a significant change in the recent years. Where many of the Japanese motorcycle exporters stopped their activities, Double R Trading has kept focus on the market and sales of new motorcycles. Due to our passion for 2 wheelers, we refused to stop trading when the market went down after the recent crisis in 2008. Selling bikes is what we know and what we are best-in-class in. This passion and commitment we try to put in all our activities. Whether selling containerloads, single units or a sparkplug. As motorcycles exporters we live and breath motorcycles and all what goes with it. MotoGP, superbikes, motocross… all topics are covered every day at our morning coffee.

Japanese motorcycle imports & exports | Double R | Double R Trading (2024)
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