How to Watch Paper Dolls Online from Anywhere - TechNadu (2024)

How to Watch Paper Dolls Online from Anywhere - TechNadu (1)

Paper Dolls follows five aspiring singers navigating the challenging path to fame and stardom in an era unforgiving to women. The drama series premiered on Channel 10 starting Sunday, December 3, 2023, with streaming available within Australia on 10Play and Paramount+ Australia.

Geo-restrictions prevent access to Paramount+ in regions where the platform is unavailable.

Fortunately, you can easily bypass these restrictions and access Paramount+ using a VPN connected to an Australian server.

This article provides essential information about Paper Dolls, including its official trailer, cast, and preview. Keep reading for more insights and details, and discover why a VPN is necessary to watch the show.

How to Watch Paper Dolls Online With a VPN

You can watch Paper Dolls online with a VPN. All you need to do is connect the app to an Australian server to access Paramount+. Here are the exact steps you need to follow:

  • Subscribe to a VPN that can unblock Paramount+ (we recommend NordVPN).
  • Download and install the VPN on your device(s).
  • Launch the VPN app and connect to an Australian server.
  • Sign up/Sign in to Paramount+ and start streaming Paper Dolls.

Watch Paper Dolls With NordVPN

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Paper Dolls?

You need a VPN to watch Paper Dolls because Paramount+ AU is exclusively available within Australia, requiring a workaround to access the platform from abroad.

Attempting to use Paramount+ without a VPN from a geo-restricted region will result in an error message: “Paramount+ is available in select markets. Content varies by region and is subject to change."

With a VPN, you can change your virtual location to Australia and access Paramount+ without any restrictions. We recommend NordVPN, widely recognized as one of the top VPNs for seamlessly unblocking Paramount+ worldwide.


6,300+ servers in 111 countries. Easily unblock services, Fast and stable connection, No logs, No bandwidth limits, Military-grade encryption, 24/7 live chat support, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Where to Watch Paper Dolls

The 8-part drama series is set to debut on Channel 10 in Australia on December 3, 2023. Australian viewers can also stream it on 10Play and Paramount+ AU.

As of now, a release date for the US, the UK, and Canada has not been announced.

Here’s where you can stream Paper Dolls:

Streaming Service Pricing Available Locations
10Play Free Australia
Paramount Plus Australia AU $8.99 per month Australia

Stream Paper Dolls from Anywhere

How to Watch Paper Dolls in Australia

You can catch Paper Dolls live stream on Paramount+ Australia on December 3, 2023. A monthly subscription to Paramount+ is priced at AU $8.99, and new subscribers can enjoy a 7-day free trial.

Additionally, Paper Dolls will be available on Channel 10 and 10Play for free. To access 10Play content, simply log in using your existing credentials or create a free account on their website.

If you are traveling outside Australia, a reliable VPN connected to an Australian server can help you access Paramount+ and enjoy Paper Dolls.

Can You Watch Paper Dolls in the US, UK, and Canada?

No, a release date for Paper Dolls in the US, UK, and Canada hasn't been announced, making it currently unavailable in these regions.

However, for eager viewers, there is a workaround. By using a secure VPN connected to an Australian server, you can access Paramount+ and stream the scripted series from these regions.

Can You Watch Paper Dolls Online Free?

Yes, you can watch Paper Dolls for free in Australia through Paramount+’s 7-day free trial or on 10Play. Simply log in with your account details or create a free account on the 10Play website.

Paper Dolls Preview

Set in 2000, Paper Dolls is a scripted drama series chronicling the meteoric rise and fall of Harlow, a five-girl band formed through the music reality TV show Pop Rush.

Harlow quickly ascends to become a household name in the music industry, but their joy is short-lived. Stepping into the unforgiving spotlight, the girls find themselves facing the dark side of the entertainment industry. Control over their lives slips away, and freedom becomes an elusive concept. Trust becomes a rare commodity and their bonds strengthen as they realize they can only rely on each other. However, hidden secrets threaten to fracture their harmonious facade.

One member of Harlow has a different agenda. Driven not by a desire for success, but by a vendetta against the record label that wronged her, she risks tearing Harlow apart. Produced by HELIUM's Mark Fennessy and developed by Ainslie Clouston, with co-executive producer Belinda Chapple, Paper Dolls weaves a narrative of betrayal, ambition, and vengeance in the challenging terrain of the music industry.

Paper Dolls Cast

  • Emma Booth as Margot Murray
  • Naomi Sequeira as Annabel Tonkin
  • Miah Madden as Charlie Levett
  • Courtney Clarke as Jade Hart
  • Emalia as Izzy James
  • Courtney Monsma as Lillian Milton
  • Ditch Davey as Roger
  • Nicholas Burton as Terrance
  • Yannick Lawry as Marco
  • Callan Colley as Beau
  • Scott Lee as Rob
  • Fay Du Chateau as Jenny
  • Gantanter Singh Gill as Marty
  • Thomas Cocquerel as Teddy
  • Krew Boylan as Camille
  • James Makalintal as Band Member
  • Katy Rachel Moore as Stylist's Wardrobe Assistant
  • Robert McFarlane as Crew Grip

Paper Dolls Episodes

  • Paper Dolls Season 1 Episode 1: The Reinvention of Izzy James (December 3, 2023) - Fallen pop star Izzy James gets a second chance at her dream when she is plucked out of obscurity and thrust back into the limelight through Millennium International Music's hottest new all-girl group, HARLOW.
  • Paper Dolls Season 1 Episode 2: Phoenix Rising (December 10, 2023) - Nepotism-baby Charlie Levett crumbles under the pressure of the Monster film clip, coming dangerously close to revisiting old, unhealthy habits.
  • Paper Dolls Season 1 Episode 3: Be a Maneater (December 17, 2023) - Jade must decide whether pop stardom is worth a heart-breaking deal with Margot in order to protect her public image.
  • Paper Dolls Season 1 Episode 4: Technicolour Altar (December 24, 2023) - Fueled by HARLOW's rapid rise to national success, Annabel's unpredictable behaviour at a renowned music festival puts their biggest performance to date at risk.
  • Paper Dolls Season 1 Episode 5: Face Off (December 31, 2023) - Music reality television show Pop Rush births the group Harlow, redefining pop culture and forcing the five young women in the group to navigate the dark side of the industry that seeks to commodify them.
  • Paper Dolls Season 1 Episode 6: We're on Tour Bitches (January 7, 2024) - While HARLOW is on tour, Roger attempts to draw Izzy back into his orbit, but the reappearance of her childhood flame provides the escape she desperately needs.
  • Paper Dolls Season 1 Episode 7: The Fame Game (January 14, 2024) - Charlie struggles with learning that Izzy and Roger had an affair, which puts HARLOW's greatest night at the Crash TV Music Awards in jeopardy.
  • Paper Dolls Season 1 Episode 8: New Millennium (January 21, 2024)- Charlie finds it difficult to believe that Izzy and Roger had an affair, which casts doubt on HARLOW's most memorable night at the Crash TV Music Awards.

Paper Dolls Trailer

Final Thoughts

Paper Dolls promises a rollercoaster ride filled with drama and emotions, exclusively available on Paramount+ in Australia. For international viewers, a VPN is indispensable to overcome geo-restrictions on the platform and indulge in the series.

We recommend NordVPN to get double encryption, split tunneling, kill switches, private DNS, smart DNS, no logs, high speeds, stable connections, no bandwidth caps, over 5,800 VPN servers in 60 countries, and the opportunity to try NordVPN risk-free for 30 days via its generous money-back guarantee policy.

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How to Watch Paper Dolls Online from Anywhere - TechNadu (2024)


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