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Chapter 6208

Charlie said: “Steve since we can sit together and have a drink and have a good time,”

“I won’t beat around the bush with you. For me,”

“It doesn’t matter who lives longer, you or your father.”

“What matters is who can achieve better cooperation with me.”

“At this stage, your father’s sincerity is much higher than yours,”

“So I asked Helena to provide him with the elixir.”

With that said Charlie added: “Do you know what your father is busy with in Northern Europe recently?”

“know a little. Steve said: “It seems to be some kind of data center.”

Charlie nodded and said: “I asked Helena to give him a new offer.”

“As long as he can build an AI model for me in Northern Europe,”

“I will provide him with another elixir.”

“By then, his physical condition will go to a higher level.”

“If he can always cooperate with my demands in the future,”

“Maybe at some point in the future, the two of you will have the same biological age.”

Steve was extremely depressed. It seems that his father is like this.”

“He has already hugged Charlie’s lap through Helena.”

“From now on, if Charlie wants him or even the entire Routhchild family to do anything,”

“He only needs to take out the elixir and ask Helena to send a message,”

“And he will get a positive response from the old man.”

“In this case, he, the heir, may really have to die.

Feeling a little desperate in his heart, he picked up the wine glass and drank most of the remaining glass in one breath.

Then he looked at Charlie and said respectfully:

“Mr. Wade, I did have some duplicity in the past, but I have become deeply aware of it.”

“It’s my mistake, I beg you to show me a clear path.”

“If I still have a chance, I will work harder.”

“If I don’t have a chance, then I will completely calm down and stop doing what he wants after I go back.”

“I know very well that once my father’s lifespan continues to extend and I get older, the next heir in the future will become farther and farther away from me.”

“If he waits until my father is a hundred years old to hand over the reins, he will have already crossed the retired age,”

“At that time, for the sake of the development of the family,”

“The old man will definitely bypass me and let my son succeed;”

“It is still good to let my son succeed, but if he lets my younger brother succeed,”

“It will be really thorough. It’ll be over,”

“Because by then, my own lineage will be destined to become relatives of the Routhchild family and gradually be marginalized.”

“Therefore, I am now willing to work hard for you in exchange for a chance,”

“But it all depends on whether you are willing to give me this opportunity.

Charlie smiled at this time and said:

“Do you know the situation of the Fei family?”

Steve said: “I know a little.”

Charlie asked him: “You know that the old man of the Fei family is the same as your father,”

“And his physical condition has obviously deteriorated a lot.”

“After a great recovery, why is he still willing to pass on the title of head of the family to Stella Fei?”

Steve shook his head and asked tentatively:

“Does he love this granddaughter?”

Charlie waved his hand: “Is it your father? Doesn’t he love you as his eldest son?”

“If he loves you, doesn’t necessarily have to pass the throne to you.”

“If he gives you endless money, the best living conditions and material foundation in the world,”

“Isn’t that also a sign of his love for you?”

Steve caught something unusual and asked him quickly:

“Mr. Wade, please help me clarify my doubts.”

Charlie said: “The reason why Mr. Fei was willing to pass the throne to Stella is because I let him.”

“The condition for his long life is that he give up his throne to his granddaughter.”

“If he doesn’t give up his throne, I won’t give him the pill,”

“No matter how much money he pays, I won’t give it to him.”

As he said that, Charlie looked towards Steve and said seriously:

“If one day you make me feel that you are more reliable,”

“I will also tie your father’s chance of longevity to you.”

“Just imagine, if one day your father can only obtain it through you.”

“If you ask him to give you the position of patriarch, will he refuse?”

Steve’s eyes lit up and he said, “If he could choose between power and life,”

“He would definitely choose to take them all,”

“But if he can only choose one, he will definitely choose the latter.”

After saying that, he immediately said to Charlie excitedly:

“Mr. Wade, how can you help me get my wish?”

Charlie said with a smile: “Steve, an indestructible friendship is, it takes time to temper and verify,”

“But you don’t have to be afraid of time.”

“If I can make you live to be a hundred years old, even if you succeed to the throne at sixty,”

“You will still have forty years. If I can make you live to be a hundred years old,”

“Or even hundred and twenty years old,”

“Then you will be in your prime when you succeed to the throne at sixty.”

Steve did not doubt Charlie’s words at all.

His elixir was so magical that it would be easy for people to live to be one hundred and twenty years old.

If it is true as he said, then he must try his best to get his help.

Otherwise, once the person who lives to 120 is his father,

Then he will really never get ahead.

Thinking of this, he said without hesitation:

“Mr. Wade, after I go back and resume my life this time,”

“I will be responsible for the family’s business in the Asia-Pacific region.”

“When the time comes, I will increase the family’s investment in Aurous Hill.”

“Work with you to build Aurous Hill bigger and better.”

“From now on, Aurous Hill will be my second hometown!?”

Charlie nodded and smiled:

“Of course, I welcome you to come to Aurous Hill for investment and development.”

Steve immediately said, “That’s it! You’ll wait for my good news when I come to Aurous Hill next time.”

“On that day, it will definitely set a record for foreign investment in Aurous Hill’s history!”


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