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Where if you like action-packed shooting 2 player games, then join this old school Gun Mayhem 2 game. Which will provide you with an epic fun game-play that features many weaponry, dramatic explosions, and other features. In these circ*mstances, the most crucial thing is to achieve champion status. We can suggest you utilize your whole arsenal of weapons, dynamite, and shoot as many and as often as possible to win this battle! Win over a friend or a group of robots. Play either "Campaign" or "Custom Game" mode, where you can customize the number of players, the outfits they wear, and the weapons they operate. On the same computer, the game can be played by one to four people simultaneously from this Gun Mayhem 2 unblocked here on!

What is the best way to play Gun Mayhem 2?
Create your character by selecting a campaign mode and a chapter from the drop-down menu. In it, you and a companion can engage in epic fights against robots, with each level increasing the difficulty of your objectives. They will devise brilliant strategies and go through the game's chapters one by one as they progress through the game. You aim to remain on the island to avoid being removed from the map. Make intelligent weapon selections to destroy your opponents. Earn money and use it to enhance your firearm. If you want to include a third and fourth player in the game, their commands can be found in the game's description. The "Weapons Library" part of the menu allows you to view and test all weapons available to you. Allow the battle to commence in the arena!

Tips and Tricks in Gun Mayhem 2?
The objective of this shooting game is to use firearms to knock your opponents off the platforms. This is easier stated than done, but it is tremendously enjoyable. If you don't want to play alone, don't worry, because you may play this game with up to four other people at the same time on the same computer. Then look no further than this if you're searching for a fun shooting game with platformer features. The objective of each match is straightforward you must knock your opponents off the stage and prevent them from returning to it after that. By shooting your opponents, you can move them around. It is possible to avoid being flung off the stage by performing a series of jumps and double jumps on your own. The gameplay is fast-paced and entertaining, and you must react quickly to win! There is a variety of weaponry to pick from, including pistols, machine guns, and SMGs, and the ability to utilize TNT and grenades. Are you up to the challenge of evolving Gun Mayhem 2's champion?

Game Features:

-Various types of weapons and accessories are available.

-Characters that can be customized

-Two games modes Campaign or Custom.

-Multiplayer options include single-player and split-screen configurations.

-2D visuals that are pleasing to the eye

-Multiplayer: up to four players can play at the same time.

-Gameplay that moves at a breakneck rate

-Controls that are simple to understand

- 100 unique weapons with 2 fire modes. Master them all and defeat your opponents.

-10 brand new maps built with strategic gameplay in mind.

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Player 1 Controls

Arrow keys = move

Z = primary weapon

X = secondary weapon

Player 2 Controls

WASD = move

T = primary weapon

Y = secondary weapon

Player 3 Controls

Numpad /789 = move

Numpad * = primary weapon

Numpad - = secondary weapon

Player 4 Controls

Numpad 5123 = move

Numpad 0 = primary weapon

Numpad . = secondary weapon

Date added
28 March 2016
Updated On 15.03.2022 to html5 and its HTTPS version of the game.

Type Html5
HTTPS Ready Yes
Publisher Mad Buffer

Mobile Mode No

Mobile Ready No

Genre Shooting, Action,Kids, Cartoon, Zombies, Survival. Arcade, GAMES, 2 Players, 3 Players, 4 Players, 1 player, Unblocked WTF.

The Gun Mayhem 2 game was created by Kevin Gu. But you can also play the game online for free on

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 7

More Information AboutGun Mayhem 2

It's a fun 2d old-schoolbattle royale shooter with captivating gameplay. That can be played online free on The Gun Mayhem 2 game it's developed with Html5 technology which allows the game to perform flawlessly on all browsers. If you appreciated this fun shooting survivalmake sure you check other games from our website!

Make sure you check tips Video Instruction and Youtube gameplay of Gun Mayhem 2for free on

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This game was added in March 16, 2022 and it was played 7.7k times since then. Gun Mayhem 2 is an online free to play game, that raised a score of 4.06 / 5 from 34 votes. BrightestGames brings you the latest and best games without download requirements, delivering a fun gaming experience for all devices like computers, mobile phones, also tablets. For more enjoyment, don't forget to check our Newest Games and Most Played Games categories, where you will find Top Quality free online games for all ages!

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Gun Mayhem 2 . Online Games . (2024)
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