Greenville awards diplomas to Class of 2024 (2024)

Greenville awards diplomas to Class of 2024 (1)

InNews, News - Greenville, The Greenville Pioneer

July 1, 2024

By Melanie Lekocevic

Capital Region Independent Media

Greenville awards diplomas to Class of 2024 (2)

GREENVILLE — With laughter and tears of joy, the Class of 2024 on Friday walked the stage for their final time as students at Greenville Central High School.

The graduates entered the school’s auditorium to the traditional “Pomp and Circ*mstance,” as family and friends cheered them on.

High School Principal Kristy Goergen welcomed the graduates and the audience.

“It is with great pride and immense joy that I stand before you today to celebrate the commencement ceremony for the Class of 2024,” Goergen said.

“Graduating from high school is no small feat and you should be immensely proud of all you have accomplished,” she told the graduates. “This milestone is a testament to your hard work, determination and resilience.”

Through their four years of high school, the graduates met the challenges that came their way, Goergen said.

“High school is a journey filled with triumphs and trials. You have experienced the joys of friendship, the satisfaction of goals achieved, and perhaps even the occasional disappointment,” Goergen told the class. “Through it all, you have shown perseverance and grit. These qualities will serve you well as you move forward into the next chapter of your lives.”

As the students pave their own path into the future, Goergen offered advice — always be curious, be kind, be resilient, and “remember that success is not just about the destination, it’s about the journey.”

Greenville awards diplomas to Class of 2024 (3)

This year’s valedictorian is Shea Landversicht and the salutatorian is Clara de Long.

Also in the top 10 of the Class of 2024 are Kayla Ahrberg, Emily Peck, Courtney Taibi, Mikaela Crawley, Lauryn Caro, Anna Styer, Jordan Landversicht and Maeve Lampman.

Salutatorian Clara de Long in her speech compared achieving success in life to parallel parking and had three key pieces of advice for both — line yourself up for success, look in your rearview mirror, and then exude confidence as you pursue your goals.

Valedictorian Shea Landversicht, also class president, said her fellow students overcame obstacles and challenges throughout high school.

Greenville awards diplomas to Class of 2024 (4)

“Some of us, four years ago, would never have imagined being on this stage today and we should all be proud of the strength, perseverance and hard work through every class period, every assignment and every setback or challenge,” Landversicht said. “High school is composed of some of the hardest times of our lives and I am so proud of all of us for never giving up.”

“We did it,” she added. “And we are now looking forward to the next chapter of our lives.”

Greenville awards diplomas to Class of 2024 (5)
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Greenville awards diplomas to Class of 2024 (6)

Buffalo bridge’s journey up Erie Canal starts in Port of Coeymans

InNews, News - Ravena, The Ravena News Herald

July 8, 2024

By Melanie Lekocevic

Capital Region Independent Media

Greenville awards diplomas to Class of 2024 (7)

COEYMANS — A pedestrian bridge that began its journey in Italy and traveled across the Atlantic saw its final preparations in Coeymans before heading to its ultimate destination in Buffalo.

The Ralph Wilson Park Bridge began the final leg of its global trip July 5, leaving the Port of Coeymans. The journey up the Erie Canal is being executed by Carver Companies.

Once installed at its final destination, the bridge will serve as the entrance to Ralph Wilson Park as part of a major redevelopment project.

Ralph Wilson Park is a 100-plus acre waterfront park in the city of Buffalo that has undergone substantial rehabilitation.

The span, known as the Ralph Wilson Park Bridge, left Italy last month in four large sections and was transported across the Atlantic Ocean on the commercial shipping vessel, Aralia. It crossed through New York Harbor on June 22 and traveled up the Hudson River to the Port of Coeymans.

Greenville awards diplomas to Class of 2024 (8)

Carver Companies, which owns the port, offloaded the four sections of the bridge onto two 195-foot-long barges.

Around sunrise on Friday, the barges left the port to transport the pedestrian bridge up the Erie Canal and are expected to arrive in Buffalo on July 15. There, the 266-foot bridge will cross the I-190 highway for its final arrival at the park.

The bridge’s trip through the Erie Canal is being managed by the marine towing division of Carver Companies.

“Tug-and-barge transport along the entirety of the canal, once commonplace, has become a rare undertaking,” according to a statement from Carver Companies. “The complex journey requires traversing 34 locks, which serve as elevators for boats.”

A crew of four will conduct the “tandem tow” for most of the 370-nautical-mile trip.

The trip is a complex one, requiring the crew to navigate through numerous sharp turns and clearance hazards, “including several bridges with minimal overhead and portions of the canal with low average water depths.”

“This project is a significant undertaking, utilizing a vital piece of American history to transport a modern marvel. It’s a testament to both innovation and tradition,” said Carver Laraway, president and CEO of Carver Companies and the Port of Coeymans.“We’re proud — and our crew is ready — to play a key part in ensuring safe passage of the Ralph Wilson Park Bridge to Buffalo.”

Greenville awards diplomas to Class of 2024 (9)

Katie Campos, executive director of the Ralph Wilson Park Conservancy, called the project historic.

“The Ralph Wilson Park Conservancy is grateful for the dozens of partners who are stewarding the community’s transformative vision for the 100-plus-acre City of Buffalo waterfront park,” Campos said. “We appreciate the important role the Carver Companies team is playing to ensure the Ralph Wilson Park Bridge travels safely on the Erie Canal to the shores of Ralph Wilson Park. It’s a historic moment for all our partners and we’re excited for the bridge’s arrival.”

Construction of Ralph Wilson Park, designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, began in July 2023. The bridge will be installed over the I-190 highway in October 2024, and the first sections of the park are expected to open in 2026.

Greenville awards diplomas to Class of 2024 (10)

Greenville awards diplomas to Class of 2024 (11)

The Greenville Pioneer 2024, April 19

InNewspaper - Greenville

April 18, 2024



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Obituary: George Edwin Storyby Melanie Lekocevic / July 2, 2024

Greenville awards diplomas to Class of 2024 (2024)
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