FBG “King Opp” Wooski: Chiraq's Most Savage GD that Haunted his OPPS (2024)

Things have been hot in Chiraq with the talk being about Quando Rondo now that his homie Lil Tum who ended King Von’s life is out on bail. RIP Von. But in all this heat, there still is the one man that was a main opp with Von while he was still living. His name is known in the trenches and his connections run deep in the streets. He’s known as King Opp, FBG Wooski, and this title came with how dangerous he was to his opps like Von.

While many believe Wooski’s home was always 63rd and Lawrence. He was actually from the very place that he haunted with his savagery. Him and his big bro Big Mike lived in Parkway Gardens, the section of WIIC City and O Block.

FBG “King Opp” Wooski: Chiraq's Most Savage GD that Haunted his OPPS (1)

Because Big Mike had love for his lil bro Wooski, he stood as the force that kept him safe in the streets even after linking with the other side. Wooski started cliquing up with STL/EBT who had a heavy beef with WIIC City. At this point you’re probably thinking why switch sides like that cause dudes don’t play with about it. Same thing I was thinking, but Wooski from a young age was in the streets and had savage in his blood. Bro even started rocking with FBG, getting close to Duck and Tooka (RIP to em both).

Wooski would begin adopting beef with his new associates, often targeting TYMB. He would avoid beefing with WIIC City because of his older brother. Really seems like even on opposite ends, their blood ties meant more than the gang code. This however was soon to change. Wooski would still dip in WIIC City with STL but never on murking. Brawls might break out but the guns never came out, that was until him and some STL members had an altercation one time and Reezy from WIIC City would lose his life.

That was already bad, but what made it worst were rumors that Wooski, 12 years at the time, was the trigger man.

And at that point, any protection his big bro would provide was lost. He officially became a top priority for retaliation from a bunch of opps and had to move out of O Block. This would make him even tighter with STL as they took him in.

The events painted a dark scene, showing just how hungry Von was for revenge. He would not only murk Modell, but leave his cousin with bullet holes, so much so that doctors said intestines fell through their hands when they picked them up. Luckily Miles somehow survived confined to a wheelchair.

FBG “King Opp” Wooski: Chiraq's Most Savage GD that Haunted his OPPS (2)

This would set things in motion that intensified their beef even more, not only towards Von, but Wooski was out for all his opps. Wooski and STL/EBT were sliding on the O and the O was sliding back. It was an endless game of cat and mouse. Through it, Von and Wooski seemed to develop respect for each other even as rivals. They would go back and forth on twitter like it was nothing. It’s crazy how calm and jokingly they act with so much bad intent in their mind for the other https://youtu.be/eTgohwUE0YE (8:58-15:48). This is when you see the true nature of how savage Wooski was. He would tally scores in the public with Von about the stats for who has the most bodies. Like it was nothing.

This would be the hit that got both him and Von booked with a first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder.

This hit home for Wooski, seeing even his bro now turning against him. Wooski’s heart was getting colder to human life. Wooski’s opps would have a field day on his gang when he was missing in action from 2015 to 2017, having been in the pen on a gun charge.

HK would try to run but was murked before being able to escape with multiple shots about his body.

Wooski was out for blood and every pull of the trigger emptied a bit of his rage and pain. Wooski was now bumped further up the priority list for his opps as he was becoming too much of a threat that was fearless in the streets. Wooski would send threats online saying that Von was next to go.

Wooski has been laying low since, trying to make a full recovery. After all, he took a shot to the head. It’s crazy he’s still even functioning back to normal. This near death experience hasn’t stopped him from still been on his dirt.

FBG “King Opp” Wooski: Chiraq's Most Savage GD that Haunted his OPPS (3)

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FBG “King Opp” Wooski: Chiraq's Most Savage GD that Haunted his OPPS (2024)
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