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While Demon Slayer isn’t the biggest fan of romance, the manga has not failed to develop romances for a majority of its main protagonists.

However, the series does not officially acknowledge one of these relationships but instead provides clues from which we can draw the solutions.

It has, naturally, been a source of confusion for many fans who are wondering what happens if Tanjiro and Kanao meet up.Even though we can observe their bond, however, the manga doesn’t devote much time to developing the characters as romantic partners.

What happens?Did Kanao die?Is Tanjiro getting married to her? Do you know the answer? Read on to find out!

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Did Kanao die?

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Kanao doesn’t die in Demon Slayer.While it seems like she could die in her time in the Infinity Castle Arc, she is alive until the final chapter.

Despite suffering a serious injury, Kanao and Inosuke team up against Doma to get revenge on Shinobu and prevail due to Doma’s sacrifice.

It was a tight call, and the idea that Kanao could face the Upper Rank Two demon and be able to win was too farfetched.

But,before her death, Shinobu managed to overdose Doma with lethal poison (seven thousand times greater than theamount of lethal) and then signaled to Kanao that she was able to kill him.

When she figured out what Shinobu was trying to convey, Kanao wasted no breath in executing Doma.

After the battle, Kanao safely joined up with the other gang members and began preparing for their final fight.

Can Kanao Talk: What happened to her?

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Kanao can talk, but she doesn’t often talk.Before she was sold to slaves, Kanao’s parents were often cruel and severely starved her.

The consequences of this emotionally broken Kanao, who stopped talking when she was 5 years old and responded with simple answers to conversations

After Kanae and Shinobu saved the girl, Kanao continued to struggle with her speech and showed signs of being near catatonic.Although Shinobu was irritated by the child, Kanae remained patient and caring.

Following Kanae’s demise, Shinobu took on her role and showed the same maternal affection for Kanao.

She taught Kanao to become the Demon Slayer, and eventually, Kanao began showing signs of healing.

It took her quite a long time to fully heal. However, by the time the manga was coming to its conclusion, Kanao was speaking significantly more frequently than she did previously due to the relationships she’d formed with Tanjiro and his cohorts.

Does Tanjiro Marry Kanao?

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Tanjiro is married to Kanao following the Demon Slayer’s death.In chapter 205, we meet the ancestors of all the characters who fought against Muzan.

There are Kanata as well as Sumihiko Kamado, as well as grandchildren of Tanjiro Kanata and Kanao.

While it’s not officially established, these obvious hints suggest that following their reunion in the cherry blossoms, Tanjiro and Kanao fell in love and got married.

They then lived in peace, unaffected by monsters and surrounded by their children and friends.

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Alongside the Kamado Descendents, We also get to meet Yosh*teru, Toko Agatsuma, Zenitsu and Nezuko’s great-grandchildren, and Aoba Hashibara, the great-grandson of Aoi and Inosuke Hashibara.

There are, of course, reincarnations of characters such as Kanae, as well as Shinobu and the descendants of Hashira families such as Rengoku, Giyu, and Tengen.

When did Kanao and Tanjiro meet?

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While Tanjiro and Kanao enjoyed a close friendship early on in the manga, they did not fall in love until after the battle with Muzan, along with Muzan’s Twelve Upper Moon.

It’s unclear what happened between them, considering that the manga concluded with them going their different paths and moving away-they moved Tanjiro back to his former home as well as Kanao into the Butterfly Mansion. But in the end, it appears that things are working out well.

Like everyone else, the two Kanao and Tanjiro lost the majority of their eyesight when the war came to an end, and like everyone else, they appeared to have similar difficulties.

This could have caused their bonds to grow and become closer to one another.

What happened at the end of Demon Slayer?

In the final chapter of Kimetsu No Yaiba, Tanjiro is killed by Muzan by eradicating all demons from the world.

After that, the Demon Slayers break up because there is no reason for the organization to exist even though the majority of its swordsmen have already died.

After three months of conflict, Tanjiro is still recovering from the injuries he sustained at the Butterfly Mansion.

He lost an eye and an arm in the war but is grateful that Nezuko, as well as the rest of them, were unharmed.

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Nezuko is laying on his mattress together with Zenitsu and Inosuke, adamant that the Cherry Blossom looks beautiful.

She is looking at her brother’s dirty arm and asks him if he’s hurt, but Tanjiro turns his head, not being able to feel the arm beneath his elbow.

Tanjiro is curious about what Nezuko is doing, and she apologizes to Nezuko for kicking her when she was a demon.She smiles and tells him she’s doing fine and there’s nothing to be sorry for.

It turns out thatTanjiro was capable of transforming back to a human thanks to Shinobu’s medicine, and Nezuko did not turn back into an undead because her body was immune against Muzan’s cell.

Kanao, on the other hand, is completely blind in her left eye. She used her final form during her fight with Doma, which allowed her to track the movements of the demon when he was in slow motion.

However, the force on her eyes caused the majority of the vessels that carry her blood to be damaged, and she was left partially blind.

When Tanjiro is about to view his first cherry blossom, he meets Kanao beneath it.

She informs him that the tree’s name is “Victory” and that the very first Flower Breath user had planted it.

Kanao adds that she went out to inform the tree that they had finally beat Muzan.

Tanjiro is curious about what’s going on.

Obanai Iguro’s favourite pet snake, Kaburamaru, emerges from her collar.She says to Tanjiro that Sanemi gifted her with Kaburamaru to serve as a guide.

In the end, the two go off on their own.But not for too long.

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Does Tanjiro Marry Kanao in Demon Slayer? - My Otaku World (2024)
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