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Located In: Lakeside Service Station


Thursday10 AM–7 PM
Friday9 AM–6 PM
Saturday8 AM–3 PM
Tuesday9 AM–6 PM
Wednesday9 AM–6 PM


Barber Shop
Beard trim
Curly hair
Hair shape up
Head shave
Hot towel shave
Straight razor shave
Cut And Shave
Gentleman’s Haircut
Gentlemen’s Haircut
Hair Types
Haircut & Hot Towel Shave
Haircut / Beard Trim
Modern Style
Shapes Up
Straight Razor
Traditional Hot Towel Shave

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 898 S Lake Blvd, Mahopac, NY 10541

Phone: (845) 803-8539


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Dana Q

We are new in town and while looking for a barber for my son (5) we found Cozi’s. Not only do I love the atmosphere but my son does as well. Lots of cool things to look at, pop culture etc. Everyone is so friendly. Nick is who cuts my sons hair and he’s great!! He’s so good with my son who can be hard to handle in the chair. I also love the way he does his hair. I’m happy to say this will be our barber shop in town!

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John Honigsberg

Such a friendly and relaxing place to get a haircut with an all around awesome environment. With EVERYTHING being expensive these days, it’s nice to go somewhere where you’re made to feel like your business truly is valued, and they’re not trying to just get through the day. Big thanks, and I’ll see y’all soon enough

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Jess Mancuso

Took our 13 month old in for his first hair cut, Paul was great with him! We went in having no idea what kind of style we wanted and we came out loving the cut. Highly recommend!

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angelo cafaro

Positive:Cleanliness,Professionalism,Punctuality,Quality,ValueI highly recommend CoZi’s – they are very accommodating, friendly and so professional. I finally found a great place to get a haircut !! Nick gave me the best haircut …… I will definitely be a regular customer. 5 solid stars !Service:Haircut

I highly recommend CoZi’s – they are very accommodating, friendly and so professional. I finally found a great place to get a haircut !! Nick gave me the best haircut …… I will definitely be a regular customer. 5 solid stars !Haircut

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Nicholas Acker

Great haircut. Nick is great and listens to what I want.

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Ragnarok Glaive

I came into CoZi’s Barber Shop after hearing nothing but great things from friends. Was in desperate need of a haircut but have been putting it off for a long time as I’ve never found a good place until yesterday. When you walk in you are immediately greeted which shows how attentive everyone is. Bobby (The Owner) was the one to give me my haircut and he is an absolute genius when scissors are in his hands. I’m the type of guy who has the mindset of if there is hair on my head cool! Gave hardly any direction and it’s like Bobby knew exactly what haircut to give me and it was awesome to watch it happen. As he was turning me in the chair I got to look around and see all the neat stuff on the wall. Bobby even has a movie poster of his favorite Nightmare on Elm St movie (its Dream Warriors!!!) the man is a horror fiend and I love it. He’s professional as hell and always told me what he was doing along with showing me exactly how the cut was going so I could get a better understanding of my own hair. I couldn’t have been there longer than an hour and it was the best haircut experience I have ever received. Bobby has a customer for life and I HIGHLY recommend coming here.

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Bobby has been cutting my hair for years. It was only a matter of time before he went out on his own and opened his own shop. CoZi’s Barber Shop brings back that nostalgic feeling to when I used to go with my grandfather to his barber in the Bronx. This place is simply the best. Bobby is a true artist at his craft and has created an environment where a guy can get a cut and a shave, listen to great music, and not be overcharged like the fancy unisex salons tend to do. So don’t settle with the cookie cutter mall haircuts and stop by CoZi’s for your next cut..Keep up the great work CoZi’s!!

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Gino M

Great barber shop. Cool music and decor good for the kids and adults. Got a great, clean cut, from Bobby. He took his time and paid attention to each customer. It was great to see edges done with a straight blade and not just buzzed! They offer a hot towel shave that I’m gonna go for next time. You just don’t see that offered around too much nowadays. If you haven’t been to CoZi’s….your missing out.

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Denise B

Friendliest atmosphere. Bobby is skilled, efficient and is amazing to chat with. I bring my son here, as well as my friend who is disabled. They are very accommodating. He gets a full straight edge and it is perfect each and every time. We feel very lucky to have found this shop, and won’t go anywhere else. The best!

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Angelo Lamberti

Been coming here for a little over a year and i have nothing but good things to say. Great cut every time. All barbers Bobby has working are all on point. Great conversations, and great times at a Classy shop. Def recommend visiting this establishment for a cut!

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CoZi's Barber Shop - Mahopac, NY 10541 - Services and Reviews (2024)
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