ARK: Survival Evolved: Deinonychus - How to Tame, Feed and Breed! (2024)

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The Deinonychus is one of the special species in the game ARK: Survival Evolved, as you cannot tame it conventionally, passively, or through stunning. In order to get him as a companion, you must steal a fertilized egg of his kind, which you can only find on Valguero. Once you've done that, you've got a mount that deals damage, moves fast, and can even climb.

Find out everything you need to know about the carnivore in our guide to the Deinonychus. But also how to catch him, tame him, feed him, and breed offspring too.

This is the Deinonychus in ARK: Survival Evolved

Appearance: Outwardly, the Deinonychus resembles its relative, the raptor, in almost everything except that it wears plumage. Its claws are also much sharper than the raptor's, as the Deinonychus is an adept climber and the claws must hold it by digging into the material it is climbing.

Wild: The Deinonychus is quick and so quiet that you usually notice it too late. In addition, it often lurks on ledges or climbs to a height from which it can see everything and easily pounce on its prey. Due to his highly aggressive nature, he basically attacks everything that comes into his field of vision, the size of the prey doesn't matter to him at all.

Domesticated: Domesticated, they are fast and agile mounts that can also deal good damage in combat. However, breeding is not that easy as he is naturally protective of nests, even if they are not his own. But you can only tame him if you hatch the egg.

How to tame the Deinonychus in ARK

The Deinonychus is not tamed passively or by stunning, instead, you must find one of its nests and steal a fertilized egg from there, which you then hatch at your base.

To make it easier for you to get the nest and eventually the egg, you can try to lure the deinonychus away, build a trap for them, or just kill them on the spot. It's important that you have some sort of plan in place beforehand, so you're not surprised when several attacks you at once.

Since they can jump onto ground mounts, it's better to use a flying mount if you want to use one at all.

If you have managed to steal an egg, hatch it and provide the newborn with enough food.

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How to make the Deinonychus Saddle

To craft the Deinonychus Saddle, you need to be level 32 and 30 Engram Points to unlock the recipe. You now need the following resources to craft:

  • 110x Hide
  • 65x Fiber
  • 20x Wood

That eats a Deinonychus in ARK

Once you have hatched your Deinonychus, you must take care of it. Deinonychus are carnivores, which of course makes the choice of food easier.

  • Raw Mutton:
    • Received by gutting Ovis.
    • Cooking turns it into the Cooked Lamb Chop
  • Raw Prime Meat:
    • Gained when gutting larger creatures
    • Cooking turns it into Cooked Prime Meat
  • Raw Prime Fish Meat:
    • Obtained from Alpha Mosasaurus, Dunkleosteus, Electrophorus, Leedsichtys, Megalodon, and Sabertooth Salmon
    • Cooking turns it into the Cooked Prime Fish Meat
  • Raw Meat:
    • Earned by gutting a creature
    • Cooking turns it into Cooked Meat
  • Raw Fish Meat:
    • Received from gutting fish
    • Cooking turns it into Cooked Fish Meat

How to breed the Deinonychus in ARK

This is how you prepare the breeding: If you have a male and female specimen, you build an enclosure that is large enough at best. Put both dinos in the pen and set them to "wander" via the command menu. Alternatively, you can also switch directly to "Pair", but then there must always be a player nearby, otherwise the pairing will stop due to the rendering.

The breeding interval of a Deinonychus is 18 to 48 hours.

Deinonychus Egg

How to Hatch Eggs: If you have obtained a fertilized Deinonychus egg from a successful mating, hatching begins. For this, the ambient temperature of the egg should be between 80 °C and 90 °C and in the egg incubator at 85 °C. According to standard settings, the small Deinonychus baby hatches after about 5 hours. After that, it takes about 4 hours of your attention, during which you keep putting food in its inventory.

Once it gains juvenile status, it can feed on its own. The total maturation time is about 1 day and 13 hours.

Beginner tips on breeding in ARK can be found here:

ARK: Survival Evolved: Deinonychus - How to Tame, Feed and Breed! (7)

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Looking for more helpful guides on ARK: Survival Evolved? Then take a look at our ARK guide overview, where you will find more of our dinosaur, crafting, resource, and technology guides. You can also chat with us and other players on our Discord server. We're looking forward to see you!


ARK: Survival Evolved: Deinonychus - How to Tame, Feed and Breed! (8)

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ARK: Survival Evolved: Deinonychus - How to Tame, Feed and Breed! (2024)


How do you tame a Deinonychus in Ark? ›

Taming. Similar to the Wyvern, Rock Drake, and Magmasaur, wild Deinonychus cannot be tamed, but a fertilized Deinonychus Egg can be stolen from a nest and hatched to obtain a tamed Deinonychus.

What to feed deinosuchus ark? ›

To clarify, you sneak up to a deinosuchus with its mouth gaping wide (basking) and you should see a feed prompt at the open jaws. Superior kibble, raw mutton/prime will be your best food options.

Can you breed deinosuchus? ›

After two Deinosuchus mate, the resulting egg can be hatched into a baby Deinosuchus. Grabbing an egg in the presence of wild Deinosuchus will cause them to become hostile and attack the survivor.

How to tame deinosuchus? ›

Walk up to its mouth and feed it with meat. (I haven't tested the kibble it likes yet but I assume it's extraordinary) when you feed it, it will snap its jaws shut before getting back up, giving you a few seconds to back away. I recommend bringing a ghillie suit and cactus broth if you can.

How to tame a deinotherium? ›

You have to wait until the trunk is retracted (rolled up) and the ears are out. Then get under its pasta (with beer in your last hotbar slot), and it'll take the beer automatically. Repeat this step until tamed (beware of facial signs).

What is a dinopithecus favorite food? ›

Though they seem to prefer a diet of fruit supplemented with the occasional bit of meat, Dinopitheci are opportunistic and will eat just about anything. They're also excellent climbers -- I've seen them scramble up sheer cliff faces and leap between trees to scavenge food for their troop.

What is the best food to tame ark? ›

Most creatures have a preferred type of kibble that you can feed them to increase their taming effectiveness. Kibble is made when you put different types of animal eggs inside cooking pots or industrial cookers with advanced crops, mejoberries, some fibre, and a waterskin that's 25% full.

Are Deinonychus Breedable? ›

The new deino is breedable so with breeding for stats and mutations higher levels are possible.

How big could Deinosuchus get? ›

The research, published in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, found that the Deinosuchus, a lineage of the giant crocodilians from North America, grew up to 33 feet long and “was the largest carnivore in its ecosystem,” in the late Cretaceous period about 75 to 82 million years ago.

Can Deinosuchus do the death roll? ›

The researchers suggest that Deinosuchus and Purussaurus could execute death rolls on, respectively, dinosaurs and large mammals.

Is the Deinonychus a raptor? ›

Deinonychus was the model for the “raptor” dinosaurs of the motion picture Jurassic Park (1993). The name raptor has come to apply to dromaeosaurs in general as a contraction for Velociraptor, a genus of dromaeosaur that was considerably smaller than Deinonychus.

Is the Deinonychus rare? ›

Complete deinonychus fossils are among the rarest of all dinosaur remains, and “Hector” is the only complete specimen in private hands, while only two other sets are housed in museum collections, according to Christie's.

Can you bola a Deinonychus? ›

It can be bola'd so don't worry | Deinonychus Tips | Dododex.

What is the hardest dinosaur to tame in Ark? ›

Mosasaurus. Tips & Strategies. Besides the giga this is the hardest dinosaur to tame, note you will need a lot of narcotics and food. Before you begin the tame I recommend at least 2 to 3 full scuba suits for obvious reasons.

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