Advancement Test Hall (2024)

The Advancement Hall on the map.

The Advancement Test Hall's exam rooms are octagon shaped.

For a list of all Advancement Tests, see Dan Tests.


  • 1 Description
  • 2 Details
    • 2.1 Applying for an Advancement Exam
    • 2.2 Taking an Advancement Exam
    • 2.3 Passing an Advancement Exam
  • 3 Tests
  • 4 Local NPCs
  • 5 Rewards
    • 5.1 Combo Card Customization
    • 5.2 Titles
    • 5.3 Enchants
    • 5.4 Eligibility Certificates
  • 6 Trivia
  • 7 Gallery
    • 7.1 Eligibility Certificate Gallery


  • The Advancement Test Hall is an academy located in northern Emain Macha, surrounded by numerous evergreen trees.
  • Players who have rank 1 in particular skills can take a difficult test here, to qualify for an upper title rank that states you are skilled enough to pass a test on a certain level.
  • Dan ranks require AP, and improve each skill in some way (Additional Stats, or skill effectiveness/damage).


  • The skill you are trying to advance must be Rank 1 in order to take the Advancement Test.
    • You do not need to master the skill to take the test.
    • You do need to train the skill to at least 100 points.
      • All skill training will be reset for a particular skill after each Dan rank achieved after rank 1.
        • This means you must retrain a skill to at least 100 points between every rank past 1.
  • Speak to the Advancement Guide, inside the Advancement Test Hall, to apply for a particular skill's test.

Applying for an Advancement Exam

  • The cost of each test depends on the Dan rank.
    • Dan 0 → 1 Tests cost 10,000 Gold.
    • Dan 1 → 2 Tests cost 20,000 Gold.
    • Dan 2 → 3 Tests cost 30,000 Gold.
  • To begin an Advancement Exam, speak to the Advancement Guide and choose the skill you wish to advance.
    • Exams are available at the Advancement Arena every day at any time.
  • To pass the exam, you use the skill being tested to score points.
    • You may pass up to two exams a day. This resets at 7:00am PST100.
      • If you exit before the test ends, it will not count as a pass for the day.
      • If you do not score at least A rank, it will not count as a pass for the day.

Taking an Advancement Exam

  • After applying, you will be transferred into the examination room.
    • You will role-play as your own character with an Advancement Outfit and specific weapons or tools.
    • You will also retain your own character's skill ranks during the exam.
    • Your stats inside the exam will be modified.
  • The following are also unavailable during the exam:
    • Titles
    • Skills not permitted for the exam you are taking
    • Potion Poisoning prior to entering the exam
      • You may still get potion poisoning inside the exam
    • Items
      • You may still obtain items inside the exam
    • Bonuses from Foods
      • However this only applies to short-term food effects and not long-term temporary stat gain.
  • When you exit the examination room, your experience points, skills, hot keys, and titles will be restored to their former values.

Passing an Advancement Exam

Rank 1 → Dan 16000800010000
Dan 1 → Dan 27000900011000
Dan 2 → Dan 380001000012000
Rank 1 → Dan 11
Dan 1 → Dan 21 2 3
Dan 2 → Dan 33 4 5
  • In order to pass the exam, the player must score A-rank or higher.
    • Dan 0 → 1 requires you get A rank once to rank it.
    • Dan 1 → 2 requires you get S rank twice.
    • Dan 2 → 3 requires you get SS rank twice.
  • The number of Advancement Badges acquired also varies depending on Dan rank and grade.
  • The scores required to meet a certain rank differ for each Dan.
  • The player may select which dan rank to aim for.
    • If the player does not obtain enough points for the chosen rank, the test will count as a fail
    • For example, if the player aims for a SS rank and gets enough points to reach A rank, the test will be counted as a failure.
    • Once enough points are gathered to reach the selected rank, the Dan test will immediately end.
  • Upgrading skills requires Ability Points.
    • It costs 7 Ability Points to upgrade from Rank 1 → 1st Dan.
    • It costs 10 Ability Points to upgrade from 1st Dan → 2nd Dan.
    • It costs 15 Ability Points to upgrade from 2nd Dan → 3rd Dan.


  • See Dan Tests for a grouping of all Dan Tests.
  • See below for specific information and tips regarding each test.
  • Life
  • Combat
  • Magic
  • Alchemy
  • Martial Arts
  • Puppetry
  • Dual Gun
  • Ninja
  • Chain Slash
  • Tailoring
  • Blacksmithing
  • Magic Craft
  • Hillwen Engineering
  • Potion Making
  • Fynn Bead Burnishing
  • Combat Mastery
  • Defense
  • Smash
  • Counterattack
  • Windmill
  • Charge
  • Assault Slash
  • Ranged Attack
  • Magnum Shot
  • Crash Shot
  • Lance Charge
  • Icebolt
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Firebolt
  • Ice Spear
  • Thunder
  • Fireball
  • Lightning Rod
  • Healing
  • Water Cannon
  • Sand Burst
  • Flame Burst
  • Combo: Charging Strike
  • Combo: Spinning Uppercut
  • Combo: Pummel
  • Act 4: Rising Action
  • Act 6: Crisis
  • Flash Launcher
  • Shooting Rush
  • Shuriken Charge
  • Kunai Storm
  • Spinning Slasher
  • Death Mark
  • Local NPCs


    Advancement Guide
    Advancement Test CoordinatorAdvancement Test Hall


    Combo Card Customization

    • Combo Cards can be customized by the Advancement Guide so long as the skill in question normally appears on Combo Cards and is Dan-eligible.
    • Successfully completing Advancement Tests will reward the player with Advancement Badges; these are needed to perform customization.
    • For more information, see here.


    • A Dan Title is a 2nd Title that may be used alongside a Master 1st Title in the corresponding Talent.
      • Unlike most 2nd Titles, Dan Titles are prefixes.
    • Dan Titles are rewarded when one available skill reaches 1st Dan for a respective talent.
      • It is possible to obtain a Dan Title before any corresponding Master Titles, but it may not be worn without wearing a Master Title.
    • who is Known Far and Wide as for any Life skill.
    • the Stormborne who is for any Combat skill.
    • the One with Wisdom who is for any Magic skill.
    • the One with a Hunch who is for any Alchemy skill.
    • the Killer of 2 in a Single Shot who is for any Martial Arts skill.
    • the Puppet Whisperer who is for any Puppetry skill.
    • the Completionist who is for any Dual Gun skill.
    • the Fleet-footed who is for any Ninja skill.
    • the Slasher of the Night who is for any Chain skill.


    • Enchants are rewarded when all available skills reach 3rd Dan for a respective talent.
      • All Enchants are Rank 1 Prefixes.
    • Rocket Arrow and Designer for Life skills.
    • Deadly Blow, Robin Hood, and Intense for Combat skills.
    • Encyclopedic for Magic skills.
    • Sage Stone for Alchemy skills.
    • Master of Martial Arts for Martial Arts skills.
    • Will of Doll for Puppetry skills.
    • Rapid Fire Maniac for Dual Gun skills.
    • Wild Ninja for Ninja skills.
    • Chained in Darkness for Chain skills.

    Eligibility Certificates

    • Eligibility Certificates are rewarded when all available skills reach 3rd Dan for a respective talent.
      • Equip them as accessories to have a special idle animation when no weapons are equipped.
      • See below for gallery.


    • Dan () is a term in martial arts (indicating grade, step, or level).
    • The Advancement Guide replaced the Advancement Test Helper with the Skill Advancement Renewal Update, though some of the features of the Helper were removed from the game.


    Eligibility Certificate Gallery

    • The Advancement Test Hall's Blason.

    • Alchemy Eligibility Certificate's Pose

    • Combat Eligibility Certificate's Pose

    • Dual Gun Eligibility Certificate's Pose

    • Martial Arts Eligibility Certificate's Pose

    • Life Eligibility Certificate's Pose

    • Magic Eligibility Certificate's Pose

    • Ninja Eligibility Certificate's Pose

    • Puppetry Eligibility Certificate's Pose

    • Chain Slash Eligibility Certificate's Pose

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